Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cooling Down the House

It's getting warmer here in the islands (and humid!), and I find myself turning on the A/C when those wonderful trade winds seem to disappear. That of course sends my electric bill sky rocketing! Here is a great article from The Dollar Stretcher with tips about keeping it COOL.

More home cooling articles:

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What do you do to keep you and your home cool during the summer?

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Melissa Spence said...

Aloha! My cousin Eric Tengbergen referred me to your blog - I love it! We live here on the mainland, central TX.

This post cost my eye because we just received our electricity bill which doubled from the month before! Yikes. Unfornately over Memorial weekend our a/c coil unit cracked and needed to be replaced. So we were running our a/c for nothing! The coolest it got us was 84. It's fixed now, so we're cool during our 99 degree summer days!

I did install a digital thermostat that I can program to regulate the temp. I hope that helps save energy. Also at night it's set to 81 and we use our ceiling fans to keep cool. And in the kitchen I try to use my crockpot or toaster oven rather than my large oven.

Anyhow come check out my blog if you want: